Fetch is a celebration of dog ownership inspired by Jax, Studio Left’s own German Shepherd. Jax loves to chase a ball on their walks and his boundless energy is a constant source of inspiration.

The goal of this project was to capture some of the fun they’ve had playing together over the years, as a vibrant, energetic and multilayered image thats a treat for the viewers eyeballs.

To create the finished piece Studio Left wrote a program that randomly positions, scales and colours hundreds of illustrated versions of Jax’s favourite toys around a single image of him. Reference photos were used to help accurately recreate each of the objects that are used within the final piece.

Created using Processing + Hype Framework + SVG.


Illustration / Generative / Print

Fetch White OutlinedFetch White Outlined
Fetch final digital 01Fetch final digital 01
Fetch Reference Photo 02Fetch Reference Photo 02
Fetch Objects 01Fetch Objects 01
Fetch PrintFetch Print
Fetch code example 01Fetch code example 01