The Charles Camilleri Foundation is a charity dedicated to the responsible funding of young people in the Salford and Greater Manchester area. It does this through donations and grants with a particular focus on charitable causes, social enterprises and emerging business start-ups.

We were commissioned to redesign the existing identity which had become dated and gave the impression that the CCF was a business advice focused organisation rather than a young peoples charity. Our aim was to reposition the brand to better reflect their work with charitable causes while giving the CCF a much friendlier and more approachable feel.

To accompany the new logo we designed a range of ‘causes’ icons to be used throughout their website and social media posts, t-shirts for the charities coordinators and even a large dummy cheque for donation photo-ops. The iconic hat marque was inspired by Charles Camilleri’s own trilby which famously he was never seen without in public.

Photographs provided by the Charles Camilleri Foundation.


Art Direction / Branding

Charles Camilleri Foundation Cover ImageCharles Camilleri Foundation Cover Image
Charles Camilleri Foundation Brand 01 - logoCharles Camilleri Foundation Brand 01 - logo
CCF Brand 02CCF Brand 02
CCF T-Shirts 01CCF T-Shirts 01
CCF Cause IconsCCF Cause Icons